The Explorer

Reclaim your Music

If you think music just doesn’t sound right listening to MP3s and internet radio on your phone, you’re right.

The Explorer is a portable hifi audio player that puts the feeling back into listening on-the-go.



  • Professional-grade audio
  • Open Source Android OS
  • Genuine hardwood body
  • Streaming enabled, wireless connectivity
The Explorer
The Explorer
The Explorer

Dedicated to Sound

Since the dawn of the MP3 age, people have become used to bad sound. Most streaming and download services use low-quality MP3 files, and smartphones process audio with cheap audio components chosen for cost rather than quality. The Explorer bucks the trend by using professional-grade audio hardware to recreate a truly lifelike listening experience, revealing intricate details and allowing you to hear your favorite songs in the manner originally intended by the artist.

Step outside the box

While most smartphones are designed to be thin, light, and cheap, the Explorer was crafted with sound, design and artistic sensibilities in mind. Its time-tested form factor provides superior ergonomics, curving to fit the shape of your hand and pockets.Each Explorer is truly one of a kind thanks to its sustainable solid hardwood chassis, creating an authentic look and and feel that is as timeless as it is modern.

All of Your Music, All the Time

Take all of your music everywhere by loading your library onto the Explorer’s ample, expandable internal storage and caching music from streaming services. With the Explorer’s generous 4,000 mAH battery and 264GB of storage (64GB internal, 200GB via microSD), you can listen to your heart’s content no matter where life takes you.


OS Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Battery 4,000 mAh Li-ion
DAC Texas Instruments PCM1792 – Supports PCM formats up to 24/192; DSD
Power Texas Instruments TPA6120A2, 300mW peak output
Output Impedance <1Ω
Outputs 3.5mm Headphone Out, Mini “Toslink” Optical Out
Processor Rockchip RK3128 Quad Core Processor @ 1.6 GHz
Memory 64 GB internal, 1x microSD card slot

Screen 3.5″ LCD
Chassis Genuine Hardwood – Mahogany, Ebony, Maple, or Zebra Wood
Connectivity WiFi (802.11 ABGN), Bluetooth 3.0, DLNA